Garden Homes
The right size at the right time.
If you value your time as much as your luxury amenities, you're at
the right door.  Because the Cobblestone garden homes at
Greystone are brilliantly designed to give you the highest levels of
luxury living, without the high cost and time of maintaining a large
luxury home. From the shimmering leaded glass entrance, to the golf
course or woodland views from the deck,  a Cobblestone garden
home gives you everything you could want, in a smaller, carefree
residence.  What do we mean by "everything"?
 Here's a partial list.
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Cobblestone garden homes are designed for couples who want to
size down - or young families ready to move up.  Best of all, the
Cobblestone neighborhood is set in the exclusive golf course
community of Greystone.  It's a privileged world of over 1800 acres,
away from the crowd but close to everything you need.  
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Your Cobblestone home ownership includes membership and
access to all the Greystone amenities including two championship
18-hole golf courses, the private community swimming pool and four
tennis courts.  The center of activity is the Greystone Clubhouse
with pro shop and snack bar where good friends meet and new
friends are easily made.  The surrounding acres offer several small
lakes, sparkling ponds and wonderful views of the surrounding
countryside with abundant wildlife.

The homes of Cobblestone incorporate the same high level of
materials and craftsmanship as neighboring homes many times their
size.  Like multifaceted diamonds,  Cobblestone garden homes are
truly brilliant gems in small elegant settings.

Come see Cobblestone.  From the fairways the greens at your back
door, to the manicured lawn you'll never have to mow, this is a home
that gives you every luxury...wrapped in a small elegant package.
Each office is independently owned and operated.